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Apr. 16th, 2007 | 04:40 pm
mood: exhausted exhausted

Although a few things went crazy, I had a rockin' good time. For starters, here's a list of stuff I got at con:

A chocobo stuffed doll
a Magic Knight Rayearth stuffed animal
a MTAC hoodie
a dogtag from MTAC 6th Period
a Nana wallet
a Sailor Moon bag
a Nana t-shirt
a Pocky bag
a Fruits Basket lanyard
a Chobits keychain

(things I got for winning MTAC Idol):
the first season of Naruto
two Death Note Manga
two Death Note soundtracks
a Gravitation novel
A Kingdom Hearts wallscroll
a Kingdom Hearts action figure
a complete set of Nightmare before Christmas mini action figures
Zelda and Naruto buttons
and a whole lot of Japanese Candy

I also bought a sword and a My Neighbor Totoro doll for Jared.

We left Thursday afternoon, and got there around 8.30. We registered with MTAC, and then we checked into our hotel rooms, and we all went swimming that night. Friday almost all of us cosplayed as characters from Fruits Basket (and about a million people asked 'can i take your picture?' ^^) I went to ParaPara for Begginers, the AMV Contest, and the Dealer's Room. Books-a-Million had tried to screw me on giving me my paycheck, and I almost didn't have any money to spend, but Gefforey fixed it somehow, and so I got to spend almost 200 dollars in the Dealer's Room that day. I was feeling sick, and so I took some Nyquil at about 9 and went to sleep at about 10, and woke up at 9am the next day.

Saturday is always the biggest day of con, and there were about 3000 people there. I went to ParaPara for all ages, and Ashley and Price went to get judged for the Cosplay Contest. At 2pm, I competed in MTAC Idol, which is the con's version of American Idol. I sang 'Rose' from Nana, and I did really well, and it was alot of fun. That night at 8pm, the Cosplay Contest started, and there were alot of really good costumes. At Cosplaty half-time, they annonced the winners of MTAC Idol. Nick, who sang Call Me Call Me from Cowboy Bebop, won third. A guy named Bryan, who sang Fly Me to the Moon, won second. And I won first place!! =) After cosplay, I went and talked to the guy who had been giving out Cosplay awards (and he was cosplaying Shin from Nana!!) and asked for a picture with him, and when I told him it was me who won by singing the Nana theme song, he hugged me and called me 'my Hachi'. It was so cute! He told me then that I was going to get to perform at Closing Ceremonies, and to got talk to Dusti Phillips, which I did, and that's when Dusti gave me all thar stuff for winning. =) Duti told me to meet him before clsoing ceremonies on Sunday. Also during Cosplay Half-time, ConChair Lucas announced the theme for MTAC 2008. It will be GODZILLA! and the con will be called MTAC 2008: Infinity. I might be going again next year. I went to the rave for a little while on Saturday night, and bumped into Shin again, who had lost his lip piercing ring, and I found it for him. ^^ Ashley, myself, and Josh then went to the Ouran High School Host Club, where we were served by Tamaki-Senpai. I also got to waltz with him, and Ashley got her picture made with Honey-Senpai.

Sunday came way too soon. Ashley and I rose and put on our Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune costumes. Those heels nearly killed me. Jared ended up coming to the last day to see me sing at closing ceremonies. Dozens of people asked for our picture, and I bought some more things in the Dealer's Room. At one point, there was the hot girl running around in a cat costume thing, and Zack L. wanted to talk to her but no one could make him do it, so finally, I grabbed his hand and was like, "oh, come with me", and walked right up to her and said "Can my friend take his picture with you?" And of course she agreed, and she very nearly wrapped herself around him for the picture, and Zack was happy, and I was happy to have done something for someone else. We went to the J-Fashion Street Fashion show, and it was AWESOME! I wish that I had had more film to take lots of pictures, but I only had four rolls for the whole con. I think Kaitlyn took alot and is going to send them to me. Closing Cermonies started, and I couldn't find Dusti anywhere, and so, in the end, I dind't get to sing, which made me really sad, because, as egotistical as it may sound, I enjoy being on stage. A lot.

So, I rode home with Jared, and we stopped for a while at McDonald's, and then we came here, to my mom's house.

Con was, overall, a blast. I'm going to go rest some more.


P.S. Pictures, soon. I promise.

P.P.S. A video I found on youtube of me singing Rose. It's only a portion, but it's all I have at the moment.

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